Scottish Fighting Arts Society

Multi-Style Martial Arts Organisation



The Scottish Fighting Arts Society is a collective of Individuals, Groups, Clubs and Organisations based in Scotland, each with a Common Interest in the "Fighting Arts".  We all come together to train in a Non-Political way to push the boundaries of both Traditional and Modern Martial Arts.  We also promote Self Defence for the "Real World".  Instructors and Students alike exchange Principles, Concepts and Techniques by cross training in the various styles within The Scottish Fighting Arts Society

All Instructors teach on a Voluntary Basis for Society Events, in the understanding that they are Ambassadors for the Martial Arts and Self Defense whom have "Skills" and "Knowledge" that they wish to be shared and passed on to others.

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Scottish Natiaonal Representatives


The Scottish Fighitng Arts Society have Qualified Tutors, Assessors & Moderators that allow

Delivery Of Accredited Qualifications Partnership With SFA Solutions for First Aid, Health & Safety Training plus ASDAN Education via The Oriental Sports Association for various other Qualifications: